Nothing Can Be Changed SWEATPANTS

[?] The possibility of mental & physical collapse is now very REAL..

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Nothing Can Be Changed SWEATPANTS

This piece is a friendly reminder to anyone who would do anything to be accepted, to find somewhere you belong, to be loved but at what cost? Stop living for the strangers out there, remember they won’t do the same for you, but they will gladly take every opportunity to drain you of what you’ve to offer until the last tiny drop. You’ll lose time, waste your energy when you could put invest all those efforts in YOU. NOTHING can be changed, except ourselves. Regrets will consume you, living in the past is not sane for a creative mind. Some things will definitely break your heart, but it will fix that broken vision of yours. It’s a wicked world we live in, keep that in mind.

Relaxed Fit | Made in US – Printed in Canada | Back + Hand Pockets | 100% Cotton Face Yarn

  • Garment is a black midweight, 80/20 cotton-polyester blend fleece, preshrunk sweatpants by Independent Trading Co. (IND20PNT).
  • Two colors screen-printing on three legs, one location on the Front, two on the Back & additional GW-branded custom woven label.

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