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Here is your special concoction, cipherpunk! Tired of reality, uh? I can feel it deep into my bones… But no need to get crazy, I have the perfect remedy for you.. Here is a little something in which you’ll find a multitude of sonic & aesthetic antidotes that I meticulously gathered & crafted over the last decade throughout my descent in the Cyberdelic Underworld…

I went far, so far into the depths of the Psyche, I never thought I’d be able to tune myself back into this reality, especially once you’re at the Edge of the Altered Mind. A perilous trip from which I understood an important life lesson: anybody curious enough to indulge in this wide compendium of computerized processes will save himself from dystopic sickness & of further post-modern degenerescence… So buy the ticket, take the ride & be careful while binging on my Digital Pharmacopeia! WELCOME TO THE GONZOVERSE!

Yours Truly, Papi Gonzo

Too Weird to live, too rare to die
Gonzo in the Zone
Gonzo doing his thing


Cyberpunk Inside

My name is Myrko Robert a.k.a Papi Gonzo, digital artist, disc-jockey & creative mastermind behind Voie Alternative, a Quebec-based multidisciplinary art & music collective active since 2013. I’ve always been fully dedicated to what I consider my ‘missions’. For the past ten years, I never stopped experimenting with multimedia and promoting an alternative way to nightlife & adult entertainment through festive & creative nocturne gatherings. With the help of Voie Alternative’s core crew, I’ve hosted more than 60+ event productions over the years, mainly in Quebec City, all in the name of my passion for Underground Culture and Electronic Arts.

The cybernetic universe was quickly introduced to me as a child through video games. At the age of 12, I discovered Microsoft Frontpage, which was my first step in web design and I immediately became addicted to it, ditching video games for my new passion. From 2005 to 2012, I’ve began experimenting with digital art in every form it has to offer, from illustration to web design, matte painting to 3D and quickly became involved in projects as content creator, blogger, webmaster, product designer and many more, which shaped my multidisciplinary nature.

Nowadays, I draw my inspiration mainly from science-fiction, fantasy and horror by exploring themes & concepts seen in the Cyberpunk, DIY, Psychedelic, Hacker, Underground & Vaporwave subcultures by merging retro, occult, gothic & futuristic aesthetics, a style often described as “high-tech, low-life”.

Myrko Robert

Also known as: Papi Gonzo + visu.alchemy

Affiliations: Padang Records, Techgnosis Records & Voie Alternative

Expertise: Web & graphic design, creative consulting, product branding & development, visual identity, printing (OEM), scenography, audiovisual, webmastering..

Tools of trade: Adobe Creative Suite, Ableton Live, Audacity, Resolume, Notepad++, XHTML, CSS, WordPress, SEO, Filezilla, VirtualBox.

Explorer of the Altered

As a disk-jockey and true music enthusiast, my goal is to explore the freshest music productions, tracks that incorporate various musical influences and a particular sound signature which represents me entirely, as a person & artist. Every genre has something to offer on dancefloors all around the world and I grasp the opportunity to indulge myself into all of them, from slower styles such as House, Techno, Prog, Minimal, Psytech, Bass to faster ones such as Hard-Acid, Psytrance, Tribe-Mental, Breaks and IDM. My ideology towards Electronic Music is inclusive, following a “BPM without borders” philosophy, that promotes hybridized music that can be described as “deep-dancefloor-electronica”.

My creative approach has no boundaries featuring a signature that always integrate multiples organic, experimental, psychedelic, deep and hypnotic elements throughout an unique storytelling auditive experience that moves your mind and body.

Recognized for performances of advanced mixing technicality & otherworldly on-stage energy, I’ve performed in countless indoor events & outdoor festivals in Eastern Canada since 2015 such as Eclipse Festival, Timeless Festival, Future Forest, Triskel Festival & Illusion to name a few, but also in a some overseas ones like Magik Festival [Guatemala], Tribunion [Mexico] and Suti Festival [Portugal].